How to get rid of mesh shading/maps?

as you see here, the meshes are not crisp and clear but contain probably maps, is there a way to see only the mesh. thank you!

Hi @hannesgrebin, can you post the mesh ?

To get rid of texture maps, you would have to remove them through the material. To get rid of mesh vertex colors, you can do this using the command _RebuildMesh using PreserveVertexColors=No.


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Why do you think the mesh has a map? it looks like the default shading of a welded mesh to me. If you are just looking for flat shading try the “FlatShade” command, or unweld your mesh

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@clement & @andheum so there are vertex maps as in Keyshot they are rendered smooth and not crisp as intended, but like the Flatshade option which i forgot to see the bare polys while editing. I used to convert into Nurbs before exporting which gets also rid of maps. Thank you both very much! H