Advice in making something like this? Polygonish objects?

Hi out there,
I’m trying to make a very polygonish objects, as attached. below

Is there a way to make it first in smooth form(This I can do)
Then convert it to very very rough polygons(triangular meshes)shape and perhaps use control points to do a little tweeking?

Made this one… very manually…

I’d model the smooth one, make sure it ends up as one object, then ExtractRenderMesh, followed by ReduceMesh to a very low polygon count. Use the Preview button to see what the results would be, tweak until you roughly have what you want. Then you can always further tweak the mesh.


p.s. probably not necessary to keep it as one object, I said it because I tested it only with such a setup


Thank you!!

Hi @nathanletwory

I was trying out your steps but when I render out the object, some areas looks quite smooth is there way to also make the rendering to have sharp edges?
I mean for each triangle mesh to be flat. (I was hoping it was, but when rendered it looks rounded out)
Polygonish.3dm (94.9 KB)

I am not sure if one can enforce flat shading. Maybe @andy or @DavidEranen knows better? I’ll be in the office within the next hour, I can figure it out then (:


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Each triangle is indeed flat but Rhino uses tricks to make things smooth - which is typically what people would want. You can simply use the FlatShade command to see the non-smooth version. For a permanent flat version, use Unweld.


Cool, I have learned again something new (:

Thank you!!!
unweld did the trick!
I was just trying to explode, but I guess I need to learn more about mesh tools now

Thank you again. This is awesome.


Got the solution from @wim using unweld to break up the meshes.
This is cool!
Thank you again for your help.