How to get Decals to show in Raytrace mode

Hi @nathanletwory
this Decal is not showing in Raytrace , it does in render mode.
is there a way to get it to show?

thanks a lot

Hello @Akash,

can you please share the model with me using ?

Hi Nathan
I sent the file to you just now.
Thanks for looking into this.



I didn’t find yet why the decal doesn’t bake properly, but to get better performance out of this specific setup you shouldn’t use a decal. You already have the texture in the base color channel of the PBR material assigned to the stone. Delete the decal, and apply a planar mapping instead. You can use the UVEditor command to ensure the stone geometry is lined up nicely with the texture. Once done you should see good result (and much better than decal, since no baking has to happen).

Hi Nathan
the reason I went for Decals is because the mapping UI is so frustrating… I did spent an hour trying to map the image to the Opal, before going to the Decals solution. Now again with your instruction, yet another hour and it is still eluding me.
now first I got just a small circle of the image on the Opal, then after editing the image to rotate 90 to match the direction, it is not showing at all.

No idea what is wrong now…
I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

Edit [some hours later…]. thanks a lot
I played around and managed to get the mapping to work correctly.

thanks a lot for your patience.

Ah, cool. I had planned to do a quick screencast, but I guess that is no longer necessary (:

(I still could if requested).

Hi Nathan,
I’m finding that decals applied to meshes are showing up in rendered viewports, but not raytraced. Maybe I’m seeing the same problem?

Logged as, but this will go away when I land support for native decals in Cycles.

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