Decal does not show on blocks

When I insert rhino files as blocks that contains decals the the decals does not show in the file where the blocks are imported to, even if they show correctly in the original file.

If I explode the block the decals become visible. But I dont want to do that, since I then loose the benefits of blocks…

Any suggestions?

Thanks for this report, I filed it as

It looks like you can in the meantime double click the block after inserting it>select the decal in the block manager>this will display it in the viewport>then close the inplace block editor.

Hi, I know this is now an old thread, but I’m having the exact same issue in Rhino 6 & V7 Beta. I’m shortly going to purchase V7 as I do think it’s great.

I just recently purchased V-ray next to make use of Rhino’s Decal function. But it’s losing the Decal once inserted into the assembly.
I have a work around but it’s not ideal, & I was planning on using a lot of blocks with Decals.

As an aside I used to use Flamingo a few years back but changed to Vray because I wanted some fur capability. I then discovered V-ray didn’t do decals… Doh! Anyway I digress.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
PS: I appreciate this is not a V-ray forum but at the moment I feel it maybe a Rhino issue.

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This is also happening to me on RH7. I’m not using V-Ray though, just Rhino and block instances. Any workaround? Even after updating the block or double-clicking open and closing the block, there are still (some) decals missing.

Sorry for the slow response, I think my notifications were turned off!
It’s not ideal, but what you can do is duplicate the surface on which you want to add the decal. Offset your new surface just ever so slightly so as not to throw a shadow. Then create a separate texture/material with your Logo/Decal image (Make sure you have your decal image set with an alpha channel background). and apply to the additional surface.

I’ve used this method quite a lot recently & it works fine with Block instances.

Hi @11alex96 can you send a simple example that shows this issue? I could not repeat the issue here.

I’m also having this issue.

One file contains a very simple object with a single decal applied to it.

The overall model file imports many blocks from many other files, mostly by linking and embedding. The files are scattered over a directory tree structure, and the model itself has blocks referring to other blocks in a similar tree structure.
Up until I started using decals, there were no problems with all this, except one bug in “object parent” materials which I discussed already.
But now, when I insert that very simply decalled object into the existing model as a block, its decal does not appear.

Also, after I spent a few minutes inserting and deleting it with different kinds of linkage (to no avail) I noticed that Rhino had created some new “embedded files” directories - in completely unexpected places elsewhere in the directory tree. e.g. underneath a totally unrelated other block object.

So I’m sure that this is a real bug that causes increasingly strange problems the more you attempt to use decals with blocks. I can’t proceed with my model as planned until this is fixed.

Has anybody experience with this in Rhino 7?


Hi David -

Did you notice that Gijs wrote that he couldn’t reproduce the issue and requested a simple 3dm sample?

Thank you. I’ll see what I can do about that. But the issue doesn’t arise if I create a new, simple model, and my existing model has too many files to be just dumped here…


Hi David -

Perhaps you could upload those files?

Rhino bug with (4.2 MB)
All right, sorry about the delay.

I have news. This bug with decals is happening not only in version 7, but also in the latest WIP of version 8.

So here are files that seem to reproduce it consistently.
I’ve posted a single ZIP.
Unzip it anywhere you like, recreating the directory structure.
Open the file “The bug.3dm”
I have already inserted several blocks that include decals. I had no problems getting this far. The bug doesn’t seem to happen during the first few insertions.

Now, insert some additional blocks that are not already in the file - you will find them in the “test” folder.

I created one of them with version 7, the other with version 8. That seems to make no difference.

On my machine, I can insert one of those two “test” items and it will retain its decal. But the second one will appear with no decal. That’s the bug.

ANOTHER problem that may or may not be a bug, is also apparent in this situation.
The blocks that I inserted, are all standing with their decals facing the same way. That’s how I saved their files and that’s how I expect them to appear when I “insert”.
But, for reasons I can’t infer, sometimes these blocks “insert” with the decal side facing downward. They need to be rotated before use.
I can see no pattern to this problem - it seems to come and go without any reason.

Hoping all of this will be solved before version 8 release!


I’ve been playing around with this… obviously I can’t debug.

But I’ve noticed that, while I edit the file that contains several blocks with decals, Rhino will sometimes create spurious new folders at the locations where I keep those blocks’ original files.

These folders contain one or more of the decals, and the new folders’ names end with “embedded_files”.
That’s strange, because I didn’t “embed” anything in the entire model; all of the blocks are inserted as “Linked”.

Sometimes these files contain decals that I previously deleted, with their original names! It seems that the decal was copied into the object’s .3dm file, and stayed there even when I edited the object to have no decal, or a different decal. Then, for no good reason, Rhino created a folder and wrote the old decal file to it!


Is nobody looking at this?


Sounds like “save textures” is enabled at the Rhino file save options. If I have seen right Rhino enable it per default. I always take care to deactivate this option.