How to get curves intersecting or outside with brep/mesh

Hi everyone,

I have a question to ask regarding filtering curves with Brep/Mesh. I want to obtain the curves intersecting with or outside the Brep/Mesh (think of it as I want to get the cage of a Brep/Mesh). Tried using Brep | Curve component, Trim with Brep, Point in Brep, and Mesh Inclusion to connect to Cull Pattern.

You can see from the screenshots here that the cage for simple geometry example works by luck, and the cage for a more complex geometry does not. Seems like I’m misunderstanding some things here.

Here I attached a simple file with internalized data. Do make sure you have Intralattice and Pufferfish before opening. Thank you for your time to help me out!
askforum_(inclusion_curves_problem).gh (290.6 KB)

Simple Geometry (complete cage selected in green):
Cage selection (simple geometry)
Complex Geometry (incomplete and inaccurate cage selected in green):
Cage selection (complex geometry)

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