Get Mesh Self Intersection Curves

Hi All!

Do you know if there is a component in grasshopper for finding mesh self intersection curves?

I was not able to find one, so I wrote a short python script using the GetSelfIntersections method from the RhinoCommon API

Here is the grasshopper definition for this method (135.2 KB)


Hi not component for it and i want to find api for Brep .getSelf Interesting Or Geometry. Get Self intersecting but don’t find it! Do you know?

Hmm, I also can’t find a method that does the same for Breps. A possible workaround would be to convert the Brep to a mesh and use it instead.

Hello, I also don’t know a function for that. Just divide it into two surfaces (only for the intersection). I could imagine that there is no function for that, because in traditional surface modeling this is extremely rare case and rather indicates a problem with your model. I would stay with surfaces as long as it’s possible.

These are Polylines (or Lines). If you want a more explicit take (and the related info) try to translate the attached to P.

Note: Path dims are the indices of the Faces Pair that yield Ccx Events.
Note: If you remove the Faces (see bool) you may end up with disjoined Meshes. (179.6 KB)

Just like you, I don’t think there is! I’ve added one to the wish list: RH-77876.

I added this SDK function for meshes in V7, and will add more features for meshes in V8.
Please let us know an problems you may find, we are testing very thoroughly.

I added a wish for an SDK function for this at RH-77877. Of course, the SDK function in RhinoCommon is the first step to get this into Grasshopper.


Great! I look forward to testing all other new features in Rhino 8.

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