How to get better 2d with meshes?

Hello, I used the 4 views from space grasshopper script and while making the 2d section. Is there a way I can have only the silhouette of the mesh objects or at least less triangulation/wires inside the object in 2d?

Before making the section, quad remesh the object and convert it to a visualarq element.

so I will need to make a block to each object in order to transform it into a visualarq element?

this was the result… now is missing lines instead of having to many of them…

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate,

VisualARQ uses a customized version of Make2D to compute silhouettes for objects. Unfortunately, low quality meshes will not look as good as other objects, as angles between tangent faces are used to compute what’s a crease or a tangent edge.

What result do you get using the standard Make2D command?
What do you see using VisualARQ’s “Hidden” display mode?

Can you send me the mesh to



I believe some other BIM programs have a per object slider where the threshold of which meshlines are drawn can be tinkered with until a good balance is found. Is this something that might be possible in future?

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poltrona1.3dm (5.7 MB)

do you have the original model?
because this one has flaws in the mesh

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate,

It seems some edges are discarded when VisualARQ computes the silhouette. I’ll take a look andI’ll try to fix this issue.

Regarding the missing lines on “Hidden” display mode in your image, they are not really hidden. The problem is that some objects are white, and by default, “Hidden” display mode has a white background. If I change all objects to black, “Hidden” looks great to me:



is a skp file, I usually cannot import it really well and always have some flaws on it.
Poltrona+Jangada.skp (15.4 MB)

hey man, cool, that is what I am trying to achieve.