Guide on preparing meshes for VisualARQ

Hi there!
I was just wondering if you had some tips and tricks on how to import and treat geometry from for example BIMObject or similar that is in mesh form and how to get that to be read in the cleanest, best way possible in VisualARQ? Weld Angles, When to split. This is especially relevant for furniture IMO, where it’s possible to replace the 2D plan representation with a block, but in section and perspective views it’s not as clean and would either require some manual labor with deleting and joining curves or hiding and replacing it with a curve representation(this would be nice to avoid of course).

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Hi Roi,
VisualARQ doesn’t provide any tools to “clean” meshes or other types of geometry, but you can use the Rhino tools for that purpose (RebuildMesh, for example).
After refining the mesh you can create a block out of it and assign it to a new VisualARQ object style. If you want to preserve the BIM data on that original object (if it comes from an IFC file), you can just extract the object properties and the corresponding values, and later on assign them back to the new object. (The VA GH components will help you on this purpose).

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Hi Francesc,

Yes this was more in relation to how the 2D line output was created and how welding and other techniques affect the Hidden Display mode and also the 2D plan and section outputs. I’ve noticed that sometimes exploding and rejoining meshes will result in a much better 2D representation, but I can’t really find a rhyme or reason to when it is beneficial or not,