Hidden Display Mode that can show hidden beam web and flanges as lines

I’m looking for a display mode to use in layout details that show the hidden flanges and hidden webs as just as lines as shown in the image. The only thing that I could find is using the wireframe display with tangent edges enabled but that shows the line for the outer flange face to web toe fillet. Thanks for the help

Hi @patskorut the Technical display mode lets you see these hidden edges, but it’s not working with VisualARQ objects. We will take a look at this.
On the other hand, we plan to include the option to display these hidden edges in the Hidden display mode in future versions.

Hi Fransesc,
Thanks for letting me know that the display mode won’t work with VisualARQ objects, Please keep me updated if you guys get it working.

Just to let you know that make2d also doesn’t work well with VisualARQ objects, meaning that when you make2d a visualARQ object the object attributes don’t transfer to the 2d objects which takes a lot of the advantages that 3d modeling should provide i.e. making callouts easier, using the vaTables, keeping the model size down because you have to explode the visualARQ objects to be able to really start 2d drafting. But keep me updated on this if you could, thanks

Hi @patskorut,

This is fixed for the next Beta version.

Do you have an example of that? The Make2D should work with VA objects as with other Rhino geometry. The attributes in the resulting 2D are managed from the Layers panel.

Why don’t you try to generate the 2D drawings by printing the model to vector output in real-time views using Hidden display mode instead of laying all the 2D geometry in the model space?

That’s the best option to keep your 3D model clean, with no tons of extra 2D geometry in the model space, have the 2D-drawings and 3D model synchronized, and keep the file size small.

Check this out: https://youtu.be/3sDk_Xm1Obw?si=ri1Jg2pJxBetaP2W