How to get a mirror viewport in Perspective view

Is there a short cut or fast way in Rhino to get a mirror viewport of the current perspective view. For example, if the xz plane is the mirror plane and current I am front facing the object on the xz plane, is there a shortcut to instantly switch to the back viewport facing the object (would be even better if it can preserve the previous camera angle)?


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What is wrong with just rotating around the model? What are you trying to achieve?


did you try UndoView and RedoView? that would mean that you have to rotate the camera to the other side manually of course but after that you can use UndoView and RedoView to get back. you can also save views with NamedView and revert to them.

If I understand what you are saying, mirroring the view about the ZX plane would involve inversing the sign of the X coordinate of the camera point. If nothing is selected, the Properties box shows the active view camera and target coordinates. If it’s positive, you can simply add a minus sign, if it’s negative, you can remove it…

Note this can probably easily be scripted for one-click access…

Like an ultra fast way to select something from the back of the model by instantly reverse the view point and then back?

I don’t know if there is a shortcut you can just hold the key and the camera revolve 180 around the original point, and then restore the viewpoint upon releasing the key, which could be really convenient in cases of labor intensive back and forth modification

Yeah that’s the ideal case. Basically, a point reflection, if around the original point, all coordinates will be negated. If an object is selected, reflect around its gumball center. It’s like some car racing games, you hold a key and the back of car view will be shown. I don’t know if any current command does that.

There are script/macro ways to do this easily but they cannot be run while you’re inside another command…

One kind of radical workaround might be under Options>View to set the rotation increment to 2 (basically 180°). then you can simply rotate the Perspective view with one press of the left or right arrow key (or Alt+Arrow, depending on how you have it set in modeling aids).