Mirrored camera perspective view

Hi everybody!
I’m not so familiar with camera. Usually I just try to find good perspective view to render and that’s it…
I found good place now, but now I’d like to render same product from mirror point.
How to know the place where camera is when found good view? And then how to mirror that place?
I can’t just mirror rendering in photoshop, because object is not symmetrical…

perspective camera2

use F6 to show the camera widget, then you can use the point references to mirror them.

Another way is to create a NamedView of the view you like, duplicate it (context menu) then show the named view widget (context menu) turn on its points and mirror the camera ‘eye point’ as needed.


That feature is very important for product design presentation and I hope that it will be included in Rhino 7.

Another much needed feature is to be able to align the perspective view relative to the front, back, left and right (as well as their corresponding 4 diagonal positions) directions while preserving the vertical angle of the camera. 3Ds Max allows similar camera “snap” to every 45 degrees through its viewing cube since several years (but it has one disadvantage - can’t center the camera to be exactly along the X or Y axis). Example of how the “Align camera” command should work in Rhino 7:

  1. Here is the viewport at some random angle.

  2. Click on the “Align camera” icon and Rhino 7 automatically aligns the camera view perpendicular to the nearest horizontal axis while also centers the camera target at the middle of the screen BUT preserves the vertical angle and position of the camera. With other words, it only affects the horizontal position of the camera and rotates it only along its vertical axis.

Great, thank you very much! :slight_smile:
I got it, it works now! This is so awesome “customer support”!!!

B Design Bg2 you are correct, that would be so cool tool for the presentations!

Actually mirror preview acts weird before accepting mirroring…