How to turn back to the default coordinate setting in the perspective view

Hello and nice to meet you everyone.
I’ve used Rhinoceros 6 for a week, and I am a beginner.

Could you tell me the way to turn back to the default setting?

When I draw a rectangle in the perspective view, the making direction is locked at XY coordinate, and I can’t make a rectangle that erect at XZ coordinate in the perspective view.

I’m looking forward to the training.
Thank you.

Hello - the Rectangle command has command line options for Vertical (vertical to the current construction plane) and 3Point. Either of those should help.


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Thank you for your kindness, Pascal!
I’m going to try using the rectangle option.
Thanks again, Pascal!

Every viewport has a plane to work with, the top and perspective viewports share the same XY plane or CPlane ( construction plane) if you want to use the Z axis, you can try with the method that Pascal explained or use the others two viewports which has XZ cplane or YZ cplane

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Also possible to use ‘elevator view’ where you hold CTRL while point-picking, then the views with Z show the vertical-moving cursor, then pick the elevation,

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Good morning, Diego!
I haven’t known that the 2 viewports shared the same XY plane.
I’d like to use the front viewport.
Thank you, Diego!

Good morning, Chris!
‘Elevator view’… That’s new to me, and It looks like very useful.
Rhino seems to have lots of modeling mode…
Thanks a lot, Chris!