How to flow extruded curve along curve?

Hi, I’d like to make the flower solid shape flow along the surface of a half-sphere
honeysuckle.3dm (3.9 MB)
. Is this possible? Please help. Thanks

Hello - I guess this is what you are after, correct?

FlowAlongSrf will work here if the structures of the base and target surfaces are the same - in this case a revolved line and a revolved arc.

honeysuckle_Maybe.3dm (1.0 MB)


Hi Pascual—How do you break apart the sphere to be able to select just the arc? Also, is the circle a surface underneath the flower piece? Please let me know. Thanks, Susan

Hi Susan -

Those are two different objects - there is no reason to break them apart.

Yes, when you select that object, the command line reads “1 open surface added to selection” and your properties panel will report that object as a surface.

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