Can't Flow this Along Srf

I’m having trouble getting this flower piece to flow so it conforms to a sphere. I really want it on the inside of the sphere. I’ve had good fortune with Flowing along curves and surfaces lately but this one isn’t working for me. Any thoughts or different approaches I might try?

I tried flowing 1 ‘petal’ along a quarter of the sphere and the petal came out sideways, looking like half of a yin-yang. No good. I’ve also attached a picture of what I’m trying to replicate for an antique pin.
It’s tiny!

Zabler 6458 Mannion Anne Marie flower 008.3dm (12.0 MB)

Hello - make your base surface a revolve of a line and the target a half sphere with the pole at the bottom . Takes a while because of the complexity of the object but it should work. Looks like mine went to the outside - need to mess with U and V and normals on the surfaces.



Cool! I’ll give that a whirl, so to speak :smiley:

Thank you very much…

Agh, this isn’t working at all. Really seems like a straight forward easy thing to do. I feel like a noob every week with something, though I’ve been Rhino-ing since 2014.

I’ll figure something else out.

Hello - see the attached file - is that what you need?Zabler 6458 Mannion Anne Marie flower 008_PG.3dm (4.4 MB)


Yes, thank you very much! I’ll play around more and see if I can hit the right steps to replicate it that way.