Flow mesh along surface

I can flow a bunch of things along different surfaces, but I’m lost on this one. Does anyone know how I can flow these together so that they look like this?

I’m uploading my file:
floral medallion.3dm (8.3 MB)

Thank you so much

if your target surface is a revolve, your base surface have to be the same, not a planar srf with circular edge. I suggest to flatten the target surface and use it as base surface:

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but when I ask it to flatten, it keeps asking me about edges, so fo course I have no clue what to pick so I pick some random ones and then it looks really funky. any suggestions? And yes, the target is a revolve.

with flatten in this case I mean duplicate the target surface and use _SetPt to align all the control points of the surface to a plane or simply using the gumball scale square and type 0 in one axis.

Sorry it’s been a while, but I finally got a chance to sit down at the computer again. Took me a few times, but I finally figured it out… had to separate a few thins. Now I have this (and this won’t let me attach the file so I’m not sure how to explain otherwise, other than you have the previous file… I turned the mesh into NURBS object… I’m attaching screen shots

) Do you happen to know how the heck I can turn this into a single solid piece? I tried splitting, boolean, trimming… guess I’m missing a trick or something again. Thanks in advance:)

is not quick or easy to convert mesh into nurbs. the command Meshtonurbs convert every single polygon into a flat trimmed surface. in this case is not useful at all. a quick solution could be convert the revolved object into mesh and then make a mesh union.

That was actually the first thing I tried to do.
Same problem with this version.
Any other suggestions?