Flow Along Surface won't accept corner input

I watched a Youtube viddy about how to create a tire and have tried to duplicate the procedure on the Mac, but am getting stuck at the Flow Along Surface portion.

I am attempting to wrap a solid extrusion (or even its source curve) along a revolved surface (think tread and tire).

I initiate the command, I select the base object, {enter} but when I try to perform the next task, Select Near Corner, I click where I think I should, but the command never advances to the next step, Select Target Surface.

Same response whether selecting the extrusion or its source curve.

I can get the base object to wrap the entire surface if “Plane = yes” after prescribing the requisite rectangle, however it covers the entire surface instead of only the part I wish to cover.

I’m clearly doing something wrong. Is it a layer thing, a geometry thing?
Bug? (please let it be a bug so I don’t look like a total retard).


Is it possible to post your file?
So we’re looking at the same thing :smile:


Tire exercise.3dm (55.8 KB)

You dont have a base srf.

Under your Extrusion Create a base srf like a plane. Then FlowAlongSrf. Object is your extrusion. Base srf is new created Srf Under the extrusion. Destination is your Tire :slight_smile:

Tire exercise Edit.3dm (101.2 KB)

Hope these steps help

Thank you. Could have sworn I did that a hundred times.
Appreciate the support.