Flow along surface UV curve

Hi there

I want to make my UV curve box match the exact shape of the surface I am taking it from, how is this possible? Like how this guy is working in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcBHv4p8lQM

I need to create a detailed pattern (pic below) and then I want to flow it back along the surface. Because it is very detailed, I want to work on the exact shape of the surface I will have, rather than the rectangle shape.


Hi Catherine,

I would use flow along surface for that
In short, you would need to create a base surface that you can Unroll (UnrollSrf command)
Next you can position your pattern onto the flat unrolled reference surface and use FlowAlongSurface to flow it “back” onto the 3D surface.

See if these video’s are of help:


Hi Willem

Thanks again for your help that worked great. I was wondering if I could get some more advice from you.
I am currently trying to create this pattern by tracing the curves and using the ‘Curve Network’ tool to create surfaces (like he does in this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSFPA8EcY1k)

But my results are not looking great (file attached)… Do you know if there is some more appropriate actions/tools I should try to create the pattern?pattern tests.3dm (15.9 MB)

Any advice would be very greatly appreciated.


Hi Catherine,

I’m quite busy with some projects right now, so I do not have much time to check on this.
You best create a new topic to make it appear on the frontpage and setup a simple file with
some example curves and flow. This to keep the file small and your question specific.


No worries will do, thanks Willem :slight_smile:

I just looked at your file. Essentially you seem to be doing fine. Your ornamentation is not smooth enough, is that what you are having problems with? I noticed that some of the shapes are overly dense, leading to unsmoothness. The outer edge curves used could be rebuilt before running NetworkSrf. Alternatively just rebuild the dense shapes now using about half of the U points.
As for better/different ways to do this, there have been some other topics on here lately about modeling ornamentation like this. Search for those as well as rhino emboss and tsplines.
Here’s a couple shapes that smoothed out nicer after a rebuild:
ornament smooth.3dm (703.7 KB)