How to fix that loops and dismatch surface holes?

Hello all. I create that model with bottom part made by “Curve network” and the top part made by “Edge curves”, and now I have this problem, How can I solve that defects? I tryed to increase subdivs on bottom part during Curve network aplying but even mad numbers doesent solve that and made my model too heavy.

Hi Michael - NetworkSrf cannot make completely sharp corners. I’d build this as separate surfaces- fee free to post your input curves and someone will have a look.


Thanks Pascal! I did it same way, created more fragments smaller size, all edges is good now.
I have another question, now with all that segments with little different density, how can I create whole complete object, seems like boolean union is not working good, I’d like to add some fillet on some of that seams between fragments. Also seams is seen on object while I orbiting around.

If the edges are all coincident, within tolerance, Join is what you are looking for I think.


Thanks pascal)

I cant join them together due that polygonal kinda mismatch on top.
How to avoid that situation?

Hi Michael- I can’t really help without seeing the model. Can you post it please, or send to