Network Surface curvature

Hi All,
I made surface from curve network it is mostly smooth. The problem appeared just in one point. I’ve matched the curves I also tried to mach the mirrored surface but both tries didn’t work.
Can anyone suggest me how to repair this point.




prevent singular (triangular) surface at all costs. There are some rare occasion where its okay, but this is definitely not one of them. Without data nobody can help, so its hard to give you an advice. Esspecially because you cannot see what you are trying to do. But stay 4 sided and trim, or depending on the situation create little holes which can filled out by a clean 4 sided patch (do not use “patch” command for this).

Try patch

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Hi Guys,
Thanks for your reply. I I tried to trim this network surface and than patch it, but than I can’t match them.
I’m trying to to build organic shaped chair shell with sphere bottom. I’m attaching file with my trials. Maybe you can have a look.


shell.3dm (128.3 KB)

shell_1.3dm (169.5 KB)

Try this

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Hi Jan - here’s one way to do this - Zebra looks decent…

shell_PG.3dm (150.1 KB)


Many thanks Pascal!


Hi Pascal! I saw that you made the spherical bottom with trimmed surfaces mirrored and it match decently with curves. But isn’t it a good practice to avoid unnecessary trimmed surfaces and seams wherever possible, especially if it is for exporting or for fabrication?