How to fix "curve length is too small for revit"?

Hi there,
I would like to import some site 2D lines into Revit for masterplan.
The curves are really simple and clean, but I always get warnings:
RevitAPI: Curve length is too small for Revit’s tolerance (as identified by Application.ShortCurveTolerance).

Does any body know why and how to fix it?

See attachment file of revit 2022, rhino 7 and grasshopper.

image (5.0 MB)

You can try exploding the input curves and using the curve length component and check for any curves smaller than 1/32” | ~0.8mm if you remove these small curves u should be able to import the 2D lines to revit excluding these out of tolerance curves… if you need them to be joined or closed you can try rebuilding or a component called relocate curve end points(from a plugin).

I will also, have a look at your file when I am on the pc if the issue is not solved by then.

Also, for this kind of geometry(curves) in the image and depending on your needs, maybe Add Model Lines would be better than using direct shape?


Hey again so I have checked your file and there is a short curve that’s not connected to any geometry where you can see its end points in the image below. So for your case you just need to delete that curve and you won’t get this error

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thanks a lot! I will try Add Model Lines later!

Can you tell me which plugin have this component? “relocate curve end points”


So, I ran pufferfish just to list curve lengths. It reports that Curve 5 is 0.00000945 meters long.

You can search for it or list it, but it is essentially a 0 length segment floating int the model:

IN the screenshot below it is selected:

Delete that and it works fine.