Export from Rhino to Revit failure

I can’t import geometry from Rhino 6 to Revit 2019.2. I tried exporting to different file extensions but without luck.

Always at least some of the geometry is invalid. On the screenshots, you can see that most of the window frames are missing. Inside Rhino, those frames seem like just normal closed polysurfaces.

Do you have any advices on making Rhino-Revit export 100% reliable?

I uploaded a small portion of my Rhino file.

okna-probka.3dm (959.7 KB)

Revit does not play well when curves are shorter than 1/32 inches (~0.08 cm.)

I see your model absolute tolerance is 0.001 centimetres this is under 0.08 cm. so Rhino may generate edges shorter than Revit minimum curve length, in fact, your model contains breps with edges shorter than that, so I guess this is the problem in this case.

I would recommend you to set your model absolute tolerance to 1 millimetre before start modelling if you plan to move it latter to Revit.

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I felt that could be the problem. After I rebuild geometry to make it more clean and without those small edges everything exported fine. Thank you for the explaination of the problem, I will keep it in mind.