Getting the error

Curve is too short for Revit’s tolerance. Length should be greater than short-curve tolerance

When trying to import Rhino geometry into Revit. Any ideas on how to resolve? Note that the Rhino file does not contain any 2D curve elements - just open surfaces.

I exported the geometry to a new Rhino file - now import gives me this error:

Model ‘model name.3dm’ has an unsupported model unit system.

  • Model Unit System = None.

Unrelated but it’s still not possible to toggle between Rhino and Revit once the plug-in is loaded. Revit will immediately crash if I switch to any other active program with the Rhino.Inside plug-in loaded.

Hi Randy, This sounds like a plugin conflict. I’m out of town this week and can only check back intermittently.


Can you provide your About info? Thanks