How to find out file size of individual mesh blocks within a model AND how to quickly reduce their file size?

Im working on a imported sketchup model with hundreds of pieces of furniture which I’d like to retain. However, it’s sluggish and I’d like to figure out how to make the file size smaller without remodelling all the funiture blocks.
Any suggestions? Attaching a wireframe view of one of the chairs as well as the model of the original mesh saved as 3dm. It seems like it has a lot of edges… is there a command that quickly simplifies this model so it’s easier on my computer?
The only approach I know to take is: meshtonurb and then mergeallfaces. As a test, I tried this on this very chair… then I exported the chair as the original mesh (to 3dm) and the new meshtonurb chair (to 3dm). The nurb chair turns out being a much bigger file (32mb for the nurb vs 1.4mb for the original mesh).

What to do? Just keep the mesh and buy a faster computer? Or …?!
mesh chair.3dm (1.4 MB)


Your file doesn’t have any geometry in it that I can find.

Try ReduceMesh with the Planar only option first on the mesh. This may help if you have flat areas on the objects. If you also have many mesh objects with the same material, use Join on them to make a single disjoint mesh as well, this will speed up the display.

Sorry…I exported it as a block…i guess that doesnt work. File attached.
Will try your advice now too and respond…mesh chair 2.3dm (1.5 MB)

Just tried the reducemesh on planar and the joining. Seems to reduce file size a bit! How does reducemesh by percentage affect the model? Is there a safe percentage one can go upto?

That reduces the number of polygons of the mesh based on the percent chosen. Planar only first is a nice one to try since it won’t impact the form much if any. On your model it only removes 700 faces out of 21k. You can reduce to any percentage that still works for your needs whether that be 3D printing or rendering.

BTW, I wouldn’t use MeshToNURBS on something this dense… it makes a trimmed surface for each poly. If the sluggishness is in display rotation, Joining meshes with the same material will gain you the most speed.

Thank you Brian.