Newbie mesh question-cant use reduce mesh command on this?>

So I have been pretty stuck with some file size issues and just tried to reduce mesh and none of the components in my file are able to be highlighted. Guess they aren’t meshes but not sure how that would have happened. Your insights are appreciated.

did you produce it in rhino or is it imported from another software? in case you made it in rhino with NURBS it will not reduce mesh on it, only if you have converted it to mesh before. but as a mesh ReduceMesh should work.

if you have problems working on it because its to slow or anyhow try commands Purge and HistoryPurge it will clean up your file and be sure you switch off history if you dont need it anymore.

after that you can reduce the display mesh of the object to speed up graphic processing.
you know where to do that?

Hi there,

Thank you.It was created in Rhino, it is possible that I don’t understand meshes very well yet. I am kind of building with the tools but not understanding the programming behind them. In the case that it isn’t a mesh, do you have a suggestion for reducing the file size so that I can print? all my files are much too big.

hi there to you too :smile:

well ic, so if you are talking about a 3d print then you most likely have go through mesh anyway. but thats pretty simple and will do so automatically when you export to STL (Stereolithography, most common file for it). there you can also set the complexity of the mesh after you pressed on export.

for a 3d Print depending on how accurate it prints you may have to reduce maybe. depending also on the complexity of your object. i saw that 100 mb is kinda max for a high resolution print. i cant see much on that image you showed so i just guess its not super complex. but just try to export once to STL and see if it has to be reduced still.

generally NURBS are describing an object through mathematical mostly parametric curves and surfaces which theoretically are infinitely precise. just in the practical world with our computers and processors they have some limitations.

Meshes on the contrary to NURBS describe an object through vertices which are connect through straight lines only, hence the lack of precision. sure one can make the triangles smaller but it would never reach the resolution of NURBS in this matter.

what you see on the monitor while working on your model, is basically also just a polygonal representation of your NURBS. why that is so you have to ask somebody else. i would only start making wild assumptions now so am leaving that to the developers. but i may open a thread about that since i got interested in it. also take my info with a grain of sugar, salt, spice it according to your wishes :wink:

Yes, the max is surprisingly small for 3D printing with these major companies. It does seem to work to convert the files to mesh and then reduce. There must be several ways but that will work for now.
Thanks so much.