NURBS file from mesh

Hello everyone. I have a problem with size of the Rhino file. I asked the person who delivered mesh based file to convert it into NURBS. They did it, but now the file size is over 500,000 KB. I tried to purge and save small, but no luck. I also tried to MergeAllFaces but the system crashes while running the command. Is there any other way to compress the file size and make it usable? Thank you for your help.

Hi Jaime -

Your best bet might be to just keep it as a mesh. Why do you want to convert it to a NURBS object?

Its because I need to import it to different software that doesnt work well with meshes.

The person who converted the mesh to NURBS probably used MeshToNURB which converts every mesh face to a separate NURBS surface. This is usually not very useful.

It sounds like you need a new simpler NURBS surface which fits the mesh. There is no single command which does this. There is also not a single proceedure which works for shapes of meshes.

Hi Jaime - In Rhino 7, you could try to run QuadRemesh on it and have that output a SubD object. You can then convert that to a NURBS polysurface. Depending on your required level of detail and complexity of the object, this process might range from possible to very hard.

you are looking at a reverse engineer this part- It’s not quick or easy and will likely require some specialized software and skill.

As Wim mentioned quad remesh will likely be your best bet for a “magic bullet” but it has it’s limitations.

if you need to get more indepth you will want to look at something like rhino reverse or rhino resurf

more info here: