Rhino-Inside Level Filter not working with Filter and Logic Component

Hi everyone,

So I have been playing around with the latest Rhino 7 WIP but I have hit some roadblocks with a few of the components most especially the Level Filter in Rhino-Inside. It does not produce any error when connected into the Filter and Logic Component with the Category filter and View Filter but checking the content of the filter with a panel and param viewer, it does not appear to be working at all.

Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Cheers guys.

Please put at least a image of what you are trying to figure out.

Is your definition similar to this one?

Hi Rickson,

It’s my first time posting :smiley:

I have now added a screenshot of the level filter and yes, it is similar to the one you mentioned. Do you have any idea why the level filter isn’t working?


Is the filter coming out of logic component 1 filter? you may need to use suirify or merge and flatten before that component.

This a similar one i did this morning. Note the Category>Element Types>Types filter to the Logic.


The active view and the category filter works fine, the main issue is with the level filter. It does produces no data once plugged into the logical and filter.


This should be working on the last release.

Thank’s a lot Kike, I have just downloaded the latest Rhino.Inside.Revit and it all works perfectly.

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