Filter by Level issues in Rhino.Inside.Revit 2024

Hi, Community,

I have been testing some workflows using the newest Revit 2024. I am having issues with Filter by Level:

Per the documentation this should let me get any element that is on the level. Attached is the Revit file, GH File as well.


(The simple revit model is 37 mb. Too big to upload here. That is why I split it in 5 mb rar files. Sorry about that) (6.6 KB)
SimpleExampleMAX.part2.rar (5 MB)
SimpleExampleMAX.part3.rar (5 MB)
SimpleExampleMAX.part4.rar (5 MB)
SimpleExampleMAX.part5.rar (5 MB)
SimpleExampleMAX.part1.rar (5 MB)
SimpleExampleMAX.part6.rar (5 MB)
SimpleExampleMAX.part7.rar (2.4 MB)

A quick check shows this to working as expected. I’ll download your files and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary.

Ok, I see it now, thanks for reporting. The structural framing (other) Reference Level isn’t passing through.

I was originally using the new Autodesk Structural example that comes in Revit. Very interesting model with complex geometry. That is when I first found the problem. If you try with it you will notice that other elements are not selected as well.

From Revit API perspective this element is not on any level but it has its ‘Reference Level’ parameter pointing to a Level.

This Query should work on those cases.

We can embed that logic on ‘Level Filter’ component, but should all the ‘Reference Level’ parameters work as well?

I’m thinking no. Due to how it would potentially complicate creating consistent definitions based on the Level Filter.

If with the reference level works then we just need to document it so this is not perceived as a bug.

That’s the way Autodesk intended it, the ElementLevelFilter doesn’t consider ReferenceLevels.

I’m working on additional Filter documentation/tutorials and will be sure to mention this caveat. Granted there are a lot of caveats when dealing with the Revit API.

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@Japhy and @kike, your recommendation partially works:

I was able to retrieve some of the elements but, not all the joist are retrieved or at list visualized in the Rhino Viewport.

For instance the joist below It is on Reference Level R2 TOS but it is not showing in the rhino viewport.

The one in the image below is exactly the same joist same and it is in the same Reference Level R2 and this one is shown it the view port.

Same idea in the image below. Same Reference Level the only difference is the Joist type.

It looks like the behavior is consistent on the other floors.

I am using Revit model provided by default in Revit 2024:

Attached is my script. Revit file it is too large to share. I believe you should have it by default once you install Revit 2024 (10.4 KB)


Everything looks OK here. I suspect you are running into your 100 limit on the Query Elements component. You can set that higher or remove it all together with the ZUI -

An alternative way to do this gather by Category, then cast to Level to create branches of each level. This is less particular about Reference Level Parameters & more in line with Revit’s internal hierarchy. (9.1 KB)

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Sorry about that. That was completely user error. It works changing the limit.
What is the ZUI? I used the search in Grasshopper thinking it is a component but it looks like it is not. I google it and the reference I found for ZUI is below but not much information about it.

The example in Gh file you shared also works!

Thanks for your help!

Zoom UI is a fundamental Grasshopper feature, most often seen/used in components like Merge or adding a input to a scripted component. This feature is being used more in RiR as well as Rhino 8 GH1 components to allow for more complex workflows without the clutter. GH2 has some new zoom features like David mentions in the post below.

Also worthy of note is that in the newer components you can Shift+Click to Expose all Possible / Cntl+Click to Collapse unconnected (also available by right clicking on the component)

Thanks for the clarification. For a second a thought it was a component that lets you configure certain general settings. Now I know the proper name so I can start calling it properly. I used to refer as “zoom in a lot near the parameter input” :rofl:


I added ‘Elevation Filter’ component to the ‘Filter’ panel.

It allows you to filter based on two elevations Base and Top like this.

You can also use numbers as absolute elevations on ‘Base’ and ‘Top’, but here an example using ‘Levels’.

This will be available on v1.14, but you can test it now if you like on v1.15.

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@kike this works really nice! Thanks for setting this up!

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is elevation filter gone?

Should be there since v1.14

I cannot find it here?

Hi Wilson, Can you show us your About info?