Splitting both the geometries in boolean split?

I’m learning boolean operations. In boolean split, only one of the original volume gets split. What if I want to split both the participating volumes?

Like in the video example here, I want to split the flat vertical geometry into two pieces and the cuboid into three pieces due to the intersection boolean split happening.

You can do that in two steps.

  1. create a Boolean intersection

  2. Subtract the intersection from both initial objects

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Yes. That’s what I’ve been doing. Forgot to mention in the original post.

Grasshopper boolean split works exactly how I want. Isn’t there a way to do that in a single shot in Rhino?

Your GH split component is from Pufferfish?

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Oops. No. It’s from Parakeet plugin. I have used it multiple times and didn’t realize that!

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Actually the Rhino command BooleanSplit does what you want if you select both objects for splitting and cutting. The only not so nice thing is that you need to delete the intersection once.

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Okay. Thanks! I was not choosing both objects for the ‘cutting objects’ option earlier in Rhino.


What software is this in the bottom here?

Artec Studio 16. I own a handheld, wireless 3D scanner (Leo).

The video was recorder with OBS tools

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