How to export SubD quad mesh for use in Fusion

hey everyone … although i’m using rhino and grasshopper mainly for product design i’m using Fusion for my CAM workflow and am trying to figure out how i can get a Subd model i created in Rhino to Fusion so i can convert it to a t-spline form in there.

Is there a way to export the quad mesh (non smoothed mesh i see when i hit tab in rhino). do i need to convert it somehow in rhino to a mesh first and then which format supports quad meshes ?


Hi @chris16

You are looking for the ExtractControlPolygon command.
HTH, Jakob


hey thx Jakob … cool that works but i haven’t found a way to import it sucessfully as quads into Fusion yet. when saving as a 3dm it comes in triangulated, when saving as obj it comes in as quads but the mesh isn’t watertight anymore and position and scale is wrong. checking out different formats now trying to find another format that will preserve everything.

OBJ seems to be the only format that supports quads and i figured out that i have to remove creases which will make the mesh not watertight … but still having issues with the model coming in at the wrong scale

EDIT … ok figured it out … in Fusion i need to use the insert mesh function and not insert the object from the data panel.

thx again Jakob for your help :slight_smile:

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I’m having a tough time with this also. The scale seems to be correct, but with a subd fusion won’t allow me to select certain geometries in the manufacture workspace. Any insight here is much appreciated!