Leveraging Tsplines models in v7 wip/ sub d

Do you have a pile of Tsplines models you want to revive? Export from v5 in in Box mode as a rhino 3dm file, and open them in v7!

Annnnnd >poof< they are back from the dead!!



Extending the exercise: anyone yet worked out a best practice for moving Autodesk Fusion Tsplines over to v7 wip as editable SubD? I haven’t experimented with that yet.

Nike job, Kyle!

I’m actually working on a very similar tutorial as we speak. I’m focusing on how to reverse engineer polysurfaces that were created with T-Splines when the user no longer has access to the T-Splines plug-in. Once I finish editing, I’ll share here!

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Of course this will work (given you export a non triangulated mesh), why wouldn’t it?

Sure. Curious about tips and tricks for success anyone uncovers, since the F360 TS flavor has been in play for so long now.

But, yeah, perhaps it’s as simple as you outline; no further considerations? Dunno, no experience moving such here.

Sorry, I didn’t want to sound snarky, just was curious what you believe the problem might be.

Just make sure to export the t-splines bodies by using the “save control frame as OBJ” option when right-clicking on the t-splines body in fusion360.
Then the .OBJ-mesh can be imported into Rhino and translated to a subD.
(Of course there might be slight differences in the way t-splines/fusion and Rhino calculates and smoothes out the subdivisions)
I just tested this and it seems to work as expected.

No snark taken. I had my “is this way too simple to bother” thought moment before posting. @theoutside excellent tutorial had a few basic success caveats, so…

Thanks! Obviously I’ll need to play myself too if needed, rather than ‘leverage’ others.

nice! please do!

T-junctions are the biggest issue out of tsplines.

They are not directly compatible with our system, so you’ll have to a litte clean up once it’s in rhino. BUT the end results are worth it as our system is a bit more friendly for data transfer to other programs than tsplines was.

Thanks, please post any additional info you dig up in regards to F360.

TBH, I hadn’t even considered the fact that F360 still used Tsplines. I don’t use it or have access to it, so I’d be curious as to how well those models transfer over.

Thanks @theoutside this is really usefull and clear.
The T-Junctions (or local details) are really powerful so Mcneel should consider a way to implement it.

There’s any chance to have a direct import of .Ts file format?

From Fusion you can export in TS specific file format, so this would make the systems compatible.

Sorry t junctions are not gonna happen. Our math is different from their patented math. We couldn’t use it without paying ad, and I’m going to be bold and say that isn’t likely to happen.

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Still, awesome that anything can be salvaged from those. Thanks.

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Thanks @theoutside for the explanation.
T-Splines… make sense that the “T” means smtg :wink:

I don’t know about the patent but could be possible to have Hidden Edges?
Would be great to being able to reduce the visual complexity of a mesh when your adding details.
Using your math but partially hiding edges and underlaying points.
Or this is part of the patent as well?

not sure about hidden edges but, if they are in any way a t junction hidden or not, I believe this would be a no go zone for us- I’m not a patent lawyer by any means, but in my simple cave man brain says we can’t do anything with t joints.

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Circling back to the super simple F360 method posted by @norbert_geelen. Worked very well on several past Fusion Tsplines models I’ve experimented with. Thanks Norbert! Was rather obvious in retrospect, though I never noticed, or forgot, the “save control frame as OBJ” option in Fusion. Never had a need for it in past. Now I do!

As Norbet mentioned, the imported smoothed SubD geometry in Rhino isn’t an exact match, but it’s pretty darn close, and close enough for ‘horseshoes and hand grenades’, i.e., good enough.

Did get some minimal ‘squiggles’ @theoutside discusses in his excellent TS plugin-to-v7wip video above. Those can be dealt with.

All and all, straightforward and simple to move your old Tsplines.

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Where is that in Fusion @skysurfer? I thought they had removed the export .ts option?

My first thought was to inquire about the same, but I no longer see the .ts export option. Perhaps I’m ‘blind’, so apologies in advance if so.

Oh, no, I’m not Fusion User so I know it was there, but, yes,probably they remove it.

How wonderful it would be to have radial and axial symmetry in SubD! Is it too late to add it to R7?

if you have v6, download v7 and try ours for free! Would love to hear your thoughts on how this has developed so far.