Convert Sub-D to Mesh

How to convert Sub-D to Mesh so that the new mesh corresponds to the Sub-D box mode?

I try the ! _Mesh command, but I get the result with many polygons as in smoothed mode only


Try with _ExtractControlPolygon


Thanks Bernat!

Also another question regarding this. Is it possible to export from Rhino7 SubD topology in a separate file format supported SubD from Rhino?


If you mean saving a SubD created with RhinoWIP and opening it in Rhino 6 the answer is yes.

In RhinoWIP Windows use the SaveAs option to choose the v6 format.
RhinoWIP Mac use Export option

My colleague works in the T-splines with Rhino5
I sometimes have to give him my topology.
He does not plan on R7 at this time, since SubD still raw now

I would like to understand whether it is possible convert to t-splines

–†robably _ExtractControlPolygon only?

Hi - at least for now, yes.
We have to look into possibilities…