How to export Rhino curves to PDF, SCG without converting linetypes to 1000 pieces?

If a curve is other than solid it exports as pieces. How to prevent that ?
(I hope the solution doesn’t involve me going to all the layers and changing their linetypes just for an export.

As far as I know, the PDF format does not support linetypes, so a dashed line is always ‘1000’ individual pieces in a PDF. Line-based hatches have the same issue.

Is what you are looking for to have linetyp-ed curves export from Rhino as continuous for PDF?

We might need to add the following option then:


a) PDF does support linetypes; they are called strokes in the graphic arts world. The purpose of PDF was to preserve the look of AI files. We send PDF to the printer with all kinds of linetypes and other vector elements in them.
-Here open this file in Affinity or Illustrator and let me know how do they know it’s a single Curve.
-Import it into Rhino and it knows it’s a single line of 110mm.
Untitled.pdf (5.4 KB)

The PDF stores this line and also stores it’s stroke data, but Rhino doesn’t know how to read strokes or how to export them to PDF

b) As of (7.8.21196.5001, 2021-07-15) there is no such option to export linetypes as continuous.

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Seems to me that not only should there be a third option, but it should be “Export line patterns and hatches as individual pieces” while the default should be to export them as “strokes”.