Printing dashed lines as a single line for illustrator?


I’m trying to figure out how to print a layout to PDF (or AI) but every time I try the dashed lines are split into individual lines per dash. What does work is exporting as illustrator file but I won’t be able to do that within a layout as they can only print to pdf not ai.

Am I missing something or is there another way of achieving this?


I don’t think the PDF format supports linetypes (someone correct me if I’m wrong) - at least that has been my experience with other PDFs sent to me by other people out of programs like AutoCAD… Hatches and linetypes are always just a mess of individual line segments.

What you can do is print with continuous line but with a particular color and then select by color in illustrator and change to dashed line. An additional step I know, but I think this is the only way for now.

Honestly I do not know why layouts do not support .ai export. :man_shrugging:

Was hoping this would be possible but setting lines to specific color and then changing in ai will probably work fine. Thanks for help!

Another workflow may include exporting to .ai from Rhino, edit whatever you want in ai, and then use Indesign for layout, templates, etc.
This way you can avoid using Layouts in Rhino, that is if you are not using the core functionality of layouts such as multiple viewports, dimensions in layouts, often export with updated models, etc.