How to export COLLADA w/ Hidden objects

I have a master site plan with 3 different buildings linked in as blocks, to consolidate them all and allow different employees to edit different files at the same time. I am exporting to COLLADA for Lumion. When I hide a layer in the Master site plan it is still present when imported into Lumion.

Is it possible to export a linked block file with hidden objects as a COLLADA without having to explode the blocks.

Hi Christopher - not without jumping through some hoops, but it may not be too bad - the block definition is intact and is exported that way regardless of visibility, but I suppose you could BlockEdit, select all the bits that are on the layer that will be off and remove them from the block, exit BlockEdit, Export, then Undo the block edit.


Thanks Pascal. That’s pretty much the method I have been doing. Would you recommend a different workflow to better accompany what it is I’m trying to accomplish?

Hi Christopher - I do not see a better way.


All good. For anyone curious my method is to explode the blocks, turning on/off the layers I want, then exporting as Collada. After I export I then Undo the explode command.