Exporting mesh... Linked blocks export hidden layers also

Any way I can make blocks just export what is visible at the time of exporting, instead of including geometry on layers that are off?

Hi Ryan - not as things are now - the underlying block definition is what gets exported. It seems like it might be perfectly possible to pick through the objects in the definition and leave out the ones on off layers… let me think a little.


OK just to give you some context… the underlying need is exporting various levels of detail versions of the same block for different view distance… I.e. trashing the mesh with reducemesh for when the object is small / far away.

From workflow it makes sense to me that the versions all want to be on top of each other in the file… and toggle what we look at in Rhino and consequently export. Instead of having three or four separate files.

I’d suggest using ExtractRenderMesh on your scene and exporting the result instead. It excludes hidden block elements.
Can be done by hand or easily scripted… Also you get what you see, no need to remesh on export…


It is possible to do something similar with blocks that contain NURBS?

This would be very useful! @pascal , Have you found any solution to this? I have tried with some grasshopper definitions but no success /Fredrik