How to export as .fbx with materials and textures assigned?

I searched the forum but apart from numerous bug reports, I couldn’t find any info. When I export, and then import back the fbx, Rhino generates a folder with the textures. Materials are created for the imported objects, but textures are not assigned to those materials. I also tried to import the same model into modo, but that also gives me objects without textures assigned.
I want to make sure that I can send .fbx files to my clients that have the textures assigned, independent of the software they use. Is this even possible from Rhino?

Hoi Gijs,

I did some tests and all seems to be working as expected here.

What (plugin)materials are you using?

Can you reproduce this with a single simple object?
If you save that fbx in ascii formatting you can open it in notepad and inspect the definition of the material.
Post it here and I ca test at my end and inspect the file.


@Willem thanks, seems I was using the version 6 format. :smirk: due to compatibility issues with modo 10. The version 7 format seems to work better, although textures assigned to environment end up in the diffuse channel

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still things go really weird. Already spend way to much time on something that I thought was fairly straightforward. I don’t even know where to start summing this up, but it’s driving me completely nuts atm

2 of the most important ones;

  • when using phong every material looks like glossy plastic after importing
  • Materials that are used multiple times are duplicated, though have the same name (thought this was marked fixed, but I get the same in 6.22 and wip) @nathanletwory ?

edit: just checked to import in Blender 2.8, but there the textures are not imported to the material

does importing fbx files with materials and textures assigned works now ?