How to efficiently extrude or create solids from LunchBox panel surfaces

Hello everyone,

I would appreciate some help/advice on something I am working on.

I have created a paneling/facade system in Rhino Grasshopper and I would like some help finding an efficient way to extrude these panel surfaces or make them into solids. (I am looking to make these into about 3" thick panels for a facade system) The below picture is what the paneling skin system looks like altogether on the building, but it currently has no thickness (its just a srf).

Here is the link to the tutorial I followed for reference.

So these are screenshots of a snippet of the panel system and the grasshopper script used. I will attach the Rhino and Grasshopper test files below.

skin test rhino7.3dm (3.5 MB)
skin (13.6 KB)
skin test rhino6.3dm (3.1 MB)

Each of these are grouped into these boxes, but can be exploded into 4 pieces.

When I try to use the command β€œextrudesrf,” I can either start extruding 1/4 of a panel at a time, or when I try to extrude all the panels at once, my computer lags or takes a very long time

When I extrude these panels individually, a quarter of a box at a time, they become hollow instead of a solid, despite me selecting the solid options in the β€œextrudesrf” options.

For now, I am using the command β€œdupborder” then using the β€œtrim” command to get rid of excess lines, then β€œextrudecrv”-ing the created crv to make these panels. I am wondering if there is a quick and efficient way to do this on a large scale. Any help and/or advice would be great!

Method #1
You can extract lines and use it to create a planer surface (command).

Method #2

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Thank you! Method 2 was quick and easy!

With method 1, what do you mean by extract lines? I’m guessing I’d extract lines from the panels then planarsrf? Do you mean like my method of using dupborder then trim to clean the lines up then extrudecrv-ing or using planarsrf on the lines?

Dupborder β†’ planersrf β†’ extrude β†’ selectextrusion then delete

Keep in mind that you can simply use the extrudesrf command. The Gumball method of extrusion produces β€œextrusion” objects.

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