Command that allows you to edit a group?

Is there a command that allows you to edit a group of objects in the way the block editor allows you to edit a block reference?

what exactly would you like to edit? you can subselect objects move remove and change them without ungrouping, there are also commands like removefromgroup

ctr+Shift only gets me so far. But I actually just solved my own issue by creating a macro. I call it “EditGroup” haha. it makes it so that I can ungroup a group while simultaneously locking all visible objects. When I am done editing, I made another macro that regroups what I was working on and then unlocks everything. Just like what the block editor does when editing a block.

Hi Brady - I don’t know how you managed your macro but RemoveFromGroup / AddToGroup may be useful if you have not used those.

I made a couple of tools to get into groups to edit them - there is more that could be done here, but they might help (1.5 KB)

Frees up the group for free editing of all members (780 Bytes)

Regroups selected open groups from a list.

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


Oh cool, thanks Pascal I will check these out

I attached my alias file here if you want to check out what I did.

entering ‘GE’ as a command with a group selected enters you into “group edit” mode. Enter ‘GEE’ when finished.

If you type ‘GEX’ instead it hides instead of locks all visible objects so you can isolate your group really easily. ‘GEXX’ gets you out of it.

group edit.txt (597 Bytes)

Hi Brady - my only suggestion is to try Isolate/Unisolate and IsolateLock/UnisolateLock in there in place of Hide/Show etc - this way objects that are not hidden or locked as part of this process but are that way from some other time in your work when you locked or hid, are not affected.


Oh good point, I’ll swap those commands. Thanks!