Bug Report: Having Groups inside Block Instance

Hi guys,

Whenever I make group inside block instances it works fine till the moment I close block edit mode. When I open block edit again, everything is ungrouped.
The only solution I have, for now, is to make another block instance inside this block but that sometimes gets too much of complication because for editing of that same group/block you need to find it in the hierarchy and edit it separate from the rest of the model so it usually takes more time for me. For example, when you are in block edit mode you can not match properties with the objects from the rest of the model directly, or have rest of the model (parent block) normally visible, and so on.

Basically, I wanted to ask if this is fixed already in some of the newer versions because maybe no one reported it. I am using Rhino 5.9.40609.20145 and I don’t remember I had this problem in earlier versions.

Hi Dordek - a group in Rhino is basically a selection set of objects. Since the contents of block instances are not actually objects that can be selected, apart from the block instance itself, the concept just does not work in this context.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the reply! I am so sad to hear that, I was really hoping that this was just a bug. I think that Rhino than should try to work through block edit options and tools. All of this should be way more easy to use. Should add some different edit block modes, or/and tools like “make unique block instance”, and “select outer object to match properites or mapping” etc. Generally, my opinion is that Blocks are one of the weakest features in Rhino and I know couple other people that are always try to avoid use it because it’s not very comfortable, but on the other hand it helps a lot with big files, to make file smaller and to organize and change easier. That’s way this feature has to be very smooth and safe to use. Anyway, I am hoping for any improvement for blocks in RH 6.
Still, if it is posible somehow, would be great to save grouped objects as some “block instance added atribute” or something…


Often I missed groups in blocks too. I use embedded blocks and grouping objects would help a lot during editing.

There are even more tools/options needed when we speak about blocks. For example:
-To change block name it is not enough to go to “block edit” tool, I think it should be.
-If you have block within another block then “block edit” tool is not working, neither the double click. The only way to approach to the block within the block is to find it on the list, or in the block manager.
Just to picture how complicated that can be I will give you one my example. I am often working on the projects that have 3, 5 or even 7 residential towers within one urban block, and not rarely, a couple of urban blocks within one project. Then sometimes you have different facade treatments on different floors that are usually around 30 or more (floors). Then, on one floor there are 3 or 4 types of apartments. So if I make each unit one block, then units on one floor another block and then whole tower also a block I need 15 minutes to find that specific block of the unit on that specific place by clicking one by one in the list. I can change any of other instances too, but sometimes it’s needed to be right there. Maybe there is another building close on some corner and it is important to edit right there so you can control the views, materials, etc.
-Block Manager is simply not flexible enough and not useful as it should be. There is no button for block edit in block manager so if you have a block instance on the list in BlockManager and not in the model you can not change it directly but have to put it first in “the space” and edit.

Actually, this list probably can go even further but this is some issues I find the most annoying.
If someone has a solution for any of these things, that I probably missed, please let me know.


Retaining groups within blocks has been brought up several times before, I also hope this can get implemented.
Not sure if this YT item pertains to that, but if so, there is a hope we will see it in V6:


This has been an issue for me for years. Probably top 5 on my wish list. Any progress in this area??

Hi - Our bug and wish tracker is open to the public (mostly) - you can follow any changes in the status from the link that Jarek posted above.