How to draw uneven hatch or make uneven uneven uv divide surface

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I want to make an uneven hatch on a curved elevation, may I ask what is the best solution please?

the corner of the building looks like this, covered in tiles, so the tile in X direction is reducing due to the curve.

Just wondering if there is easy way to hatch this kind of surface in rhino? If not, what is the best solution to hatch it with grasshopper? I have attached my process on grasshopper, but not sure if it works.

Thank you very much! Uneven hatch.3dm (4.0 MB) Uneven (2.6 KB)

Grasshopper is a fine tool to create this paneling on the surface. You are using a trimmed surface with a curved boundary, so this can get involved when trying to deal with edge conditions.

I see that your example surface you sent is not curved. This makes it easier to use UV spacing to walk across the surface. But most curved trimmed surfaces do not have such perfectly spaced UVs. Using UV for spacing is very limiting. This is the reason to use PanelingTools in Grasshopper.

Perhaps this might help too:


Thank you very much!

2020-06-02 01_14_46-Uneven hatch (4 MB) - Rhinoceros 6 Commercial- - Top

Uneven (25.4 KB)

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