Mapping Curves Evenly onto Irregular Surface

  1. I’m trying to project a set of shapes onto an irregularly shaped roof, so that the shapes are evenly spaced on the surface. Is there a simple way to do this in Grasshopper?

  2. After this is finished, is it possible to subtract a portion of the grid using a different shape? (see second sketch below)

Thanks for the help!

Given the fact that Rhino is a surface modeller for a perforated solid I would suggest (can we forget the “even” distribution part?, he he):

  • Separate pieces meaning that: use a surface and make the rest of the “solid” faces as indicated in the attached.

  • Morph your “profiles” to the flat part - the base so to speak (for speed).

  • Extrude the mapped profiles (straight). Avoid projecting and then doing the solids (very slow).

  • Do the boolean difference as indicated (Note: that’s very slow). (141.5 KB)

Or alternatively Morph the profiles directly to the curvy surface (Note: that’s very slow and pointless if the perforated solid is your goal)

Thank you so much for the help! This is definitely a good way to get started. I think I’m looking for something a bit more nuanced though, and probably didn’t phrase my original question very well. I’m going to re-post a new topic, rephrasing my question. Would love to get your feedback there! Thank you again :slight_smile: