Divide an irregular surface into equal uv

(Grasshopper or Rhino) is there a way to rebuilt or divide this surface into equal parts? as you can see u and v curves area going all over the place.

surface 1.3dm (148.9 KB)

Rebuild with say 90 in U and 30 in V will even things out some - but there is not a way to make things absolutely even.


what about a grasshopper solution ?

Hello - it depends what you are after - are you looking for a 3d-space division of the surface along the U and V directions or for a surface that has exactly even knot spacing ?


i think your idea of equal uv may have a little misconception. your uv distribution looks pretty equal here, just due to the unequal distribution of surface that would never work. just for example how would you envision the rest of your manually drawn curves to proceed all around from bottom to top? that this cant function should be clear pretty quick if you try. the only way partially is to use a trimmed surface

something like here.

yes pascal, that is exactly what I am after. I wasnt to use to surface in order to create a logic in grasshopper allowing me to create this diagrid that i could develop further to along to a woven louver system. as I have kind of done in here. but due to uneven u,v disribution my lovers gets a gradient of density ( i dont want a gradient) I want my grid of uv to appear as equal segments.

thank you for your response, but a i think a trimmed surface is not so use full to me because I want to use my surface in grasshopper. i dont like how the uvs end funky. and Im not that talented in gh to rewrite a script to remedy the end of this trimmed surface.

this is my process

surface 2.3dm (2.1 MB)

skin test.gh (12.1 KB)