Hatching a surface


I was triying to apply (in a fast way) a hatch to a surface triying to get a nice 2d drawing…is there a fast way to do that? I know how to create UV from a surface, then hatch it, and then applycurve or flow along surface will work but i see it pretty complex, and i should do that with a lot of surfaces :frowning:. Does anyone know a plugging or an easy way to do that? I have try also VisualArq but is only for the section of surfaces.

Thanks in advance¡

Please, does anyone know how I could do that? I would like to do a perspective view and add multiple hatchs for the curve surfaces in the view!

Hello - you might try Make2D and then add the hatches to the regions after the fact, on the 2d curves.


But this way pascal the hatchs would be ‘flat’, i would like that they will follow the surface. Something similar to this.

Thanks for your answer @pascal

Hatches are 2D only, so if you want a 3D effect then either apply a texture with a matching UV projection, or project curves onto the 3D shape.

Yeap but this process is going to be too long @Holo, in other sortwares is much easier and consumes less rosurces…i thought to do a grasshopper definition but the file will be too heavy cause i have to explode the hatchs and then apply them as curves

Rhino does not currently have a tool to “decorate” a surface like you described. The texture suggestion or hatching a flat Make2D illustration as described above are all I can think of.

Hello! :slight_smile: I have the same problem, was wondering if you’d be so kind as to clarify what I’d need to do to achieve it with the texture/UV projection please? Cheers

actually it’s not just decorating, there are many useful things you could do with such a feature, for example make a curved fence…(thats what i am working on at the moment…) cheers

Curved fence… You can do that with Grasshopper very efficiently

even tough i know a little grashopper i do not have the slightest idea how i would do that…
(the fence is supposed to be made of a (steel)net…

Why don’t you post an image of an example or draw a sketch?

hi–meanwhile i did a little dirty hack on this:
exploded hatch into lines(curves) and then used pull curves to (help)surface to get the desired effect.
for me this is sufficiently correct, since i need the (rendered) views only as a working model(not for presentation) to develop my design…

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the staicase is elliptical…at the landing the inner ellipse merges into an arch(i could not simplify it any better…)