How to draw in different plane?

I use windows. I would like to draw polyline in different planes, like in z axis. But I found I can not do that. I tried to click next point and then typed the coordinate in the format x,y,z where x is the x-coordinate, y is the y-coordinate, and z is the z-coordinate. Like 0,0,20, but the point went to the (0,0.20) of world coordinate system instead of the point relative to the previous point.

How could I solve the problem?Thanks

Move the construction planes … you can re-orient to any view or any object in the scene. Check out the C-plane toolbar … you’ll see more options as well.

You can also use the Planar mode selected by the Planar command or by clicking on Planar at the bottom the screen.

The Planar command limits successive picked locations to the same construction plane elevation as the previous location.

Planar mode aids in creating planar objects with commands that allow free picking. Successive points have the same construction plane elevation.

Planar mode is simpler than moving the construction plane if you are working in several planes.

Try the TestDecimalPoint command.

The TestDecimalPoint command checks to see whether numbers with decimal points are being correctly printed and read using a period as the decimal point. If the decimal point has been changed to a comma, the command changes the decimal point character back to a period.

i am no rhino pro here but i had watched a tutorial video one time and the instructor was using typed in coordinates. i remember him saying if you wanted your coordinates to be relative to the position of the last point then you add an “R” to the command. someone will need to correct me here as i dont remember the correct way to format this but it was something like R0,0,20

jimc is correct that a “r” before coordinates makes the coordinates relative to the last position.

Default is for Rhino to use the Construction Plane coordinate system of the active view port. World coordinates can be entered by typing a “w” before the coordinates.

More on Rhino’s coordinate systems and input can be found in Users Guide, Chapter 5 and Level 1 Training Manual, Section 2-4.

for z axis, you might want to try elevator mode… ctrl-click on a point and the polyline will lock to vertical for the next point.