Modelling pipe in 3d

I am modelling these detail pieces with a pipe on the top (arrows).The pipes slope up and back.I cant figure out how to draw these because the pipes are in multiple planes.How do I draw a line to make a pipe jupiter2

Two alternatives:

  1. Use “elevator” mode with the cursor
  2. Draw curves in 2 views and use Crv2View

New users of Rhino should read through the “User’s Guide”.

From the User’s Guide:

Elevator mode

Pick a second point to specify the z-coordinate of the desired point. It is easiest to see this in a different viewport or use the Perspective viewport. Drag the mouse cursor around to see the marker move vertically from the base point along the tracking line.

Pick the point with the mouse or type the height above the construction plane. Positive numbers are above the construction plane; negative numbers are below it. You can use further constraints like coordinates, object snaps or grid snap for the first point, and you can use object snaps for the height.


To move the marker in the construction plane z-direction, hold the Ctrl key and click a point on the construction plane, and then drag vertically from the construction plane and click to pick a point.

This constraint is called elevator mode. Using elevator mode to move your pick point vertically from the construction plane lets you work more in the Perspective viewport.


You may use grasshopper also to make perpendicular planes along a curve you’ve previously shaped to what you need, make circles on those planes, then loft them, or use variable pipe:

pipe_example.3dm (48.0 KB)
pipe_example.ghx (217.2 KB)

thanks for the replies.I am slowly working through the training guides and taking an online class to learn more about Rhino, but it is sometimes hard to know which function to look up.