Draw Curve in z-direction

Hi. This might be the silliest question ever.
I cannot draw a line in the z-direction when I’m in the Left, Right or Front view.
It will just keep my line in the xy-plane whilst keeping the z-coordinate to zero.
Does anyone know what might be the issue here?

The issue is that you by default always make geometry on the local CPlane - or, if you want, on the local XY plane.

Or, to answer by asking you a question: what is it that makes you say this? And why do you think it’s different for the Top view?

In the bottom-left corner of the Rhino interface is a box that shows coordinates. When you move your mouse pointer across the viewports without a command being active and this box says CPlane you will see that the z-coordinate remains zero in all viewports. Click on the word CPlane to make it say World and you will see that the z-coordinate is zero in TOP and perspective, while in FRONT it is the y-coordinate and in RIGHT it is the x-coordinate that remain zero.

That works, thank you!

Hi Erik - to make a line that is normal to the current CPlane, use the Line > Vertical option. See also ‘Elevator mode’ in Help.