Polyline in 1 plane

When I used to draw a polyline in autocad it stayed in the plane of my view regardless of the two snaps of begin and end (for example topview). How do I get this done with Rhinoceros? Run into this so often. Hope someone can help me with this.
Now I draw the line, then have to project it to a surface first, delete the surface and move the line in the right position.

Check the Project box in the Osnap panel…

Thanks for your quick response! Problem is partly solved. Yes, the line stays in the same plane now but still I have to move it to the right starting point.

A couple of ways -

  1. Make sure Planar is active (in status bar). Without Project checked, start your polyline on the rectangle. Then check Project and continue - all points (including snaps) will be projected to the same plane as the rectangle.

  2. Change the CPlane elevation to that of the rectangle (CPlane > Elevation), then use Project.

Thanks!! Will do! That solved it!