Can't draw on the Z axis

Hi, I’m very much a beginner when it comes to rhino and I’ve run into a problem. I was trying to design something earlier in perspective view and part of the way through I found out that I couldn’t draw lines on the Z plane anymore. When I try to draw a polyline, it immediately snaps to and constrains itself to the X/Y axis’s.

Did I hit accidentally hit a key or turn on a setting somewhere?


Please note - In an attempt to remove whatever setting/or button I may have hit, I have reinstalled Rhino but the problem persists. It does not react to turning on/off Planer or Project.

Hey Harry,

Planes are a 2-Dimensional object as such you can’t have a “Z” plane, your options are XY, XZ and YZ planes.

Have you tried drawing in the Right, Left, Front or Back viewports?

If you wish to draw in XZ or YZ planes in “Perspective” you need to change the CPlane with that viewport active -