How to draw a grasshopper style icon?

I follow the article:
and install Xara
but it seem to hard to draw a icon like David style…

Do @DavidRutten or others have some suggestion?thank you.

I’ve been drawing icons since I was 12 years old and I went through a wide range of styles. Although I haven’t really done any serious graphics for several years now, and do not plan to pick it back up again.

The style used for most of the GH icons is fairly straightforward, one or two pixel thick lines, aligned with the pixel grid. Avoid near-horizontal and near-vertical lines. Region outlines are drawn in a dark version of the region fill colour (there’s plenty of earlier icons with full black lines, but I no longer recommend that). Drop shadow applied afterwards in a pixel editor, 1 pixel offset to the right and the bottom, 2 pixel blur, 85 our of 255 (33%) darkness/transparency. Dashed lines are almost always drawn as individual pixels, as are checkerboard areas. Use gradients on regions to indicate lighting/shadowing, but keep it subtle.


@DavidRutten David,if i want to export an icon,i selet the icon shape,and right click export to png…
but the exact size is in “dark green area”(i soppose it may be the shape bounding box) ,but if i need to export the icon in “red line area”,i have to add a transparent rectangle(which is the same size with the red line,and put the transparent rectangle at the most back…)…this take a lot work and time, do you have some easy way to do export png?Thank you~

The xar file should have a mint green rectangle which is exactly 24x24 pixels and which exists on a layer which isn’t included in the export. You have to move that rectangle behind the icon you want to export and select it along with the icon shapes.

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Thank you David,i found it,but a question:
if exported,the result is:
(the background is green…)
is need to change the mint green rectangle color into “no color”?

I think you just need to enable transparency in the png export. But maybe Xara has changes in the years since I’ve used it.

@andrealu2012 @DavidRutten
Xara Export .png is same.

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