GH - Good software for making component icons?

I notice that some of you guys make such nice GH component icons, with gradient colors making the icon’s appear having high resolution.

Anyway, what software do you guys recommend for making these fancy icons?

I really need to clean up this mess …:

// Rolf

I use illustrator and draw them as vectors on a 240x240 grid. Then I made a macro in ps that shrinks to 24x24, adds the drop shadow, and saves as png.

OK, that makes sense. But, Adobe = subscription model… :frowning:

// Rolf

Inkscape is an open source alternative and pretty good.

I used XaraX to make the original set. It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either. You can download the *.xar files from here: That page also explains the post-process.

You can however make icons through code as well, it’s just bitmaps. If your icons are made up of a boundary shape, a colour and a text label, just use system.drawing to generate them at runtime.

ps. I no longer have XaraX installed these days, I’ve lost the CD and can’t be bothered to get a new license. On those rare few occasions I have to make icons these days I pixel edit them manually in Paint.NET

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I highly recommend looking into the software made by Serif. Their vector program is called Affinity Designer. No subscription required – as of this writing, only $50.


Ah, the competitor to Adobe. I heard about this upcoming one a few years ago. Seems that the time has come for Windows users… Thanks!

// Rolf

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